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Reliable. Responsible. Supportive.

You have a medical education and would like to work in Germany? You are fluent or willing to become in German?  Perfect – We are here for you!

Through our extensive network of hospitals and private medical offices we are constanty looking for skilled medical personnel. Our whole scope of services is non-binding and free of charge for our applicants.

Especially we can offer you the following services:

- Job offers in German hospitals or private medical practices as assistant doctors, medical specialists, nurses etc.

- Consulting and assistance in the application process

- Supporting in all necessary formalities towards the German authorities after successful job search


Special services for Greek job seekers

Jessica Kluge - International Recruitment has built up a strong relation to the Greek labour market and introduced a special recuiting program for Greece. . In Athens you can also find our partner school for German lessons where we invite you to a free language test. Further information can be found under "Additional Services in Greece".

Own private practice in Germany?

You are a medical specialist and you are considering the idea of starting your own private medical office in Germany? With our experience and our close cooperation with the involved authorities we can help you to find a free location.  Just contact us!






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